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Behind the scenes of a 111-point check


Have you ever wondered what happens to a Porsche when it goes for a 111-point check? During this check, which ensures a vehicle is eligible for a Porsche Approved Warranty, our experienced Porsche-trained Technicians carry out a whole raft of technical checks including:

Engine: the heart of a Porsche is its engine, so the running characteristics, belts, battery and other crucial components are examined to ensure they are interacting effectively.

Wheels and tyres: all tyres are checked to ensure they are free from damage and that they have a minimum tread depth of 3mm (as the Porsche Approved standard dictates).

Vehicle analysis: the fault memory is processed, mileage is checked for plausibility to rule out tampering and the engine is inspected for over-revving to check for early signs of damage.

Fluids: the levels of fluids such as engine oil, coolant, brake and clutch fluid are checked and topped up if necessary.

Vehicle documentation: the Warranty & Maintenance booklet is updated appropriately and its history checked. As well as providing peace of mind, proper maintenance ensures a vehicle retains value. The on-board and safety equipment is also checked for completeness and to make sure the existing Porsche components are approved.

Exterior: the vehicle's exterior is fully examined for body, paint and accident damage.

Test drive: the 111-point check concludes with a test drive. During this, safety-related aspects and typical Porsche driving characteristics such as the vehicle performance, braking action and handling are checked. Driver assistance systems which deliver a high level of convenience and safety also undergo testing.

So rest assured that your Porsche is in more than capable hands when it comes for a 111-point check with us. Please call 01625 445 545 or email info@porschewilmslow.co.uk to book your check.