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Boxster Restoracing: August Update

Our Classic Restoracing Competition entry: August update


Our 986 Boxster S is going through the first stages of its transformation from an everyday sports car into a race car. This stage requires us to strip the car down so we have taken off the convertible roof and removed the seats, carpets and door cards. We have also taken out the engine and gearbox for them to be stripped and rebuilt. The car is now ready for the next stage which is fitting the roll cage - very important for racing. 

We are restoring a 986 Boxster S because 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the Boxster range, a car that fundamentally shaped the Porsche business and brought a whole new generation of customers to the brand. To celebrate this anniversary, Porsche are hosting the Classic 'Restoracing' Competition, where Centres restore and race a classic 986 Boxster S.

Now we need your help! Each entry has to have a full race livery inspired by a classic Porsche racing design. We would like you to help us decide which livery we choose. Please visit our Facebook page to see our three options: 917 Salzburg, 919 and the 935 Apple Car. Please leave a comment saying which livery you think we should have on our Restoracing car. You can also see more details about our car, plus photos of the restoration in progress.

For more information on our Restoracing entry, or for any other Porsche enquiries, please call 01625 445545 to speak to a member of our team.